An e-bike, a commute, and design. It's a start.


Here's a picture of me on my very first set of wheels. A classic. And the outfit? Well, a girl can never go wrong with a black patent leather shoe. 

In case you're wondering, that look on my face isn't me wondering where my pants went—it's the look of a girl discovering the freedom that comes from riding a little red trike.

Fast forward, ahem, many years later. Things haven't changed that much. Well, okay. You won't see me cycling without my pants. And, I've graduated to two wheels. But, the chances are good that you'll catch me riding my bike, likely to work and hopefully wearing cute shoes.

Apparently, I'll be spinning these seemingly unrelated things together on this blog. That and the joys and sorrows of cycling to work. Now, if it would just stop snowing, grrrr.

— girl's gotta ride

me on my bike circa I'd rather not say